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Roger E Johnson Enterprises Inc now offers an extended warranty on the appliances and electronics that you purchase from us. In this day and age of electronic control boards and changes to technology, the price of parts alone can become quite expensive, and add up quickly, not to mention the labor and mileage costs.

Through AVU we offer up to an additional 4 years of warranty on appliances, and 50 months on electronics. At a cost of approximately 12% of the value of your appliances it is an affordable option for extra protection against repair costs.

By acquiring the extended warranty through AVU it also rules out frustrating, lengthy calls to the manufacturer to try and book a repair. You simply need to contact us and tell us what isn’t working, and we look after the rest.

The best part about it – if you don’t use the warranty you can apply for a full in store credit for the amount back. Please ask one of our sales reps for full details on the extended warranty.

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For general appliance inquiries, please email Dawn Gillespie.